Boxing training with Stefan Angehrn

30-minute BOXING training unit

Warm up with a gentle run up the mountain to the edge of the forest,
...all kinds of gymnastics at the top and then casually back down again... :-)
Each time towards the end, try accelerating into a sprint down the slope, ... as time goes by that will go better and better...

Put on the training music that you like, then bandage up and put gloves on:

work alternately on the bag (always in bursts of 30 seconds then change)

  • relaxed light boxing so that the sack is hardly touched – to the left, to the right, change
  • light hitting but still a bit harder ONLY with the weaker hitting hand
  • hit medium-strength combinations with both arms as you wish

1-minute break

  • Series for the centre of the body and solar plexus
  • Series for the outer body, liver and kidneys below
  • Series of hooks, first below, then in the middle, then above, then in the middle, then below etc.
  • Series of right hooks, first below, then in the middle, then above, then in the middle, then below etc.
  • Series of hooks to the body and the head – all with a sense of pleasure and fun

1-minute break

  • straight blows to the chin, quite relaxed and not hard but while quickly bending and straightening the knees.
  • straight blows, not hard but while quickly bending and straightening the knees.
  • straight blows hard, ... really, really, REALLY HARD!!!
  • now KO the bag 10 times with your strong hand :-)))))
  • a relaxed round dancing around the bag like Muhammad Ali and keep your guard up!

1-2 minutes break

Now put on the CD with the one-minute ride music.... it doesn’t matter if it is a whole song either, as long as you start with the last minute... then you can concentrate in a kind of trance beforehand, ... YOU MUST FEEL A RISING SENSE OF JOY AND YOU MUST WANT TO SET OFF AS SOON AS YOUR PERSONAL MUSIC BEGINS TO PLAY...!!!


You know THE RIDE itself; leaning forward and downward strokes:

1 minute:

Head on the bag! ... start nice and slowly and feel the surroundings...
The heat, the blue sky... the smell of salt and engines, ... the light wind and then you start the engine! Switch to the gear that you really engage and feel the headwind and the speed, ... you find the slight lurch of the machine exciting and you accelerate rapidly! ... now the POWER of this superbike really comes across, the engine is now running at full throttle and you can shout out loud for joy, IT IS ALMOST TEARING YOU TO PIECES BUT THAT IS A GOOD THING BECAUSE... TODAY YOU BECOME IMMORTAL HEROES...!!!

...and THAT is EXACTLY what you will feel when you are between the two photo sensors and at the same time you are SPRINTING with your fists... :-)))))


(Please always change the T-shirt after a brief sweat, so you do not catch a cold...)


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4 World- and 4 American Records!

achieved by Markus Saegesser, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA 20.10.07: American Records are official! 26.10.07: World Records are official!