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Markus Saegesser World Record Project Naked Bullet 2011

International Motorcycle Speedtrials 2011
Salt Flats – Bonneville – Utah – USA

Inspired by the movie “The World Fastest Indian” with Anthony Hopkins in 2006, the passionate motorcycle rider Markus Saegesser has made it his goal to set a speed record on the salt flats in Bonneville in the American state of Utah.

In September 2007, Markus Saegesser set four world records and two US records as the first Swiss to do so!!

In 2011, he wanted to set a world record as the first rider worldwide with a V2 naked bike to enter into the legendary “201 Mile Club” (323.478 km/h). With that, Markus Saegesser would be the fastest driver on a non-streamlined motorcycle worldwide, his “naked bullet,” but unfortunately he failed this time!

cash TV supported the project from the start, including filming in Bonneville/USA and broadcasted the documentary on Swiss television at October 2, 2011.